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Pastors of all kinds, and denominations receive dumb letters occasionally (well I hope it’s sporadic!). People get mad, and you would like to say back to them, “Hey, buddy…your brokenness is showing!” But pastors aren’t supposed to talk straight, rebuke an attitude, disagree with, or enter a tense confrontation with his/her members. Pastors are nice. Pastors are sweet. Pastors are approachable. Pastors are wusses…Wait a minute!

“Whoever says ‘I know him but does not keep his commandments is a liar & the truth is not in him…'” Now, now, pastor, don’t you go calling someone a liar.

“Those people? They went out from us, but they were never part of us.” Now pastor, don’t you go judging people just cause they left your church.

“Who is the liar but he that denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son.” Pastor, get off of your high horse, who do you think you are calling someone an antichrist?

“I have written something to the church, but Diotrephes, who likes to put himself first, does not acknowledge our authority. So if I come, I will bring up what he is doing, talking wicked nonsense against us.” Now pastor, you know he has a good heart. You don’t need to judge him. Plus, that would be gossip, talking about him, and it would embarrass him if you brought this up in front of everyone.

John was in his nineties (he deserves to be a little cranky at that age, don’t you think?), and I can imagine how ticked off he was at this situation and the people ripping his beloved churches apart. Is it possible for a pastor to be kind, loving, gentle, accepting, and not be a wimp? Is it possible for a pastor to argue with a church member in a healthy way?

If we really want to grow spiritually we should free up our leaders to speak the truth. Yes, in love, but please speak the truth! “Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.” That’s the royal kiss-up. If you haven’t had your panties in a wad lately from something your pastor said, your pastor is too nice. The very Word he/she studies and preaches has first bored into his own heart in such a way that he has been challenged, corrected, rebuked, and empowered. The Word he’s ruminating on is burning in his soul; bending his character into line. Most times, like everyone, the pastor is in process as well.

John, the pastor wasn’t afraid to speak prophetically. If the “prophet” in the pastor has been corralled, the church will be vulnerable; vulnerable to heresies, bad attitudes that course through a church like a deadly virus, and ungratefulness that is contagious.

The word for today from pastor John? Unleash the prophet in your pastor. You need it!

About Tim Holt

Founding pastor of Seacoast Vineyard Church, Myrtle Beach, SC. Retired January 2021. Pastor to surfers, friends, pastors, etc.
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  1. In this world of the absurd where political correctness has run a muck and Muslim countries order death threats on anyone that has something negative to say about their faith, a John with his no nonsense honesty would be welcomed. Great blog.

  2. timholt says:

    Thanks, Johnny. John exemplifies that rare quality of amazing love, and courageous leadership. It’s some consolation that people of John’s character had to deal with some of the same worries we do today. Of course, I’m not worried about being used as garden torch, as John and those leaders were.

  3. Jim Jarrell says:

    Good word Johnny,
    I todays feel good church, truth seems hard to find. Finding a real group of people committed to the truth is even harder to find. I do not believe being ninety had anything to do with John’s writing, He just knew the truth. Believe me when I say being a true prophet for God is not an easy thing to do. Most people do not want to hear any thing that does not line up with their religion or what they think about who God is. It makes no differance what the truth is, if it does not feel good, they do not believe God could have said that. Just think about the prophet Samuel, when the people wanted a King. He felt like the people had regected him, but God told him the people had rejected God Himself. Being a true prophet is not easy, keep up the faith, God will bless you soon.

  4. Michelle Anderson says:

    Okay again Tim I know it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, but you did it again. Have you been living in my house this past month? What was said in your blog, is once again what we’ve been dealing with in our lives. Yes it’s true when you start speaking the truth and people don’t like it (naturally) there’s always conflict. You will loose people in your life! It’s a fact the Lord knows I’ve lost several as of late all because I started to speak the truth! I have nothing to gain by lying about anything, it’s taken me some time but I’m getting there. We now have been blessed this past year, to some it may not seem so but to me it does. My Husband’s Father drown suddenly this past year while ice fishing, that after just loosing our house we bought in Illinios, then Van dies, I mean how much more can a person take? God knows, because he took us down this path this year of NEED vs WANT! It’s been a very hard year, out if it all though my faith never waivered, and I looked at the piles that kept poping up (as Tim says) as learning experiences. Okay so we were blessed with the ability to buy a house on contract and work on finishing the inside of it up, we lost it not of issues created by us. I look back at it and think, man that really hurt. I mean really hurt, a family with no where to go, living in our camper because Dad has now passed so we can’t move back to SC where we want to be. Wait we have things to take care of, his property, his bills, issues, etc…. We finally have to sell his home too, ugh. Out of all of it all the icky stuff we were blessed with a paid off Truck, and a paid off Singlewide up in Michigan, by our daughters! So he knew what road we were going down, I didn’t get perfect with my disposition I never lost faith and said okay whatever I’m supposed to do please direct me or guide me so I can get to the top of the pile and look around. Now another pile, Oh lord please guide me and grant me disertion and wisdome through this one.

  5. Brandon Holt says:

    I smiled as I read your blog. Seeing and reading the truth always makes my spirt smile. Being a devote “religous christian” for nearly 20 years going to a feel good mega church so i could so easily blend in. Listening to the grace doctrine so smoothly poured on never can do wrong message – for Jesus so loved me . Allowing to have sin in my marriage altimently leading me to divorce. never challangeing me to know my Big brother or my Father..all i can say is where are the true men of God. For when a man a God gives you a word from the Lord …like that little secert you know one could see.
    You then start to see that we are not serving some mystical spirt or fairy tale , But we are serving a true real alive God. The Word is not stories or make believe but true events. So pastors please ,please be obedient to the Lord . Do not be afraid of falling attendence or lack of tithe .For it is all His to begin with and He can direct whom ever he wants into your ministry. For what good is to have a ministry adored by people and not approved by the Creator himself. Thank God, HE truely honors his Word fully (Luke1:37) and nothing could seprate his love from me. Church please wake up God is not on our side . We must choose to be on his.. for he is the same as yesterday ,today and forevver. It is time to get the kingdom message back into the church and find out what that really looks like so that His power can return to his beloved people and be used through the yeilded and Christ like vessels we were meant to be…..P.S. I am so gratiful i am no longer serving religon. May God use his prophets again . the people our country and this World so very needs the truth. Last thought is …Church ……what was Jesus and the disciples teaching and preaching . Jesus was not yet crucified so salvation being a key to the kingdom but what was the key opening???? i hope the people God directs to these thoughts and words will humbley search there heart and ask God. BE blesssed and serve God with all of your heart and mind and soul.

  6. timholt says:

    Thanks, Brandon!

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