3 Things to Never Say As a Pastor

1. “I can’t take this anymore.” – Yes, you can. You can take as much as God sees fit to allow you to take. If God has called you, he has equipped you. Just because it gets tough, even sucky at times doesn’t mean you are not making a difference. Get with another pastor friend, dump it out…scream it all out, but come on, I’m talking to you (oops, got carried away there); Only God can call you off. When He does, then that’s it, but until then…

2. “I hate people.” – No you don’t…you hate some people. Just kidding. The church of Jesus Christ is people. That’s what this is all about. Beautiful, broken people come to our churches with all their baggage and pain hoping for some respite. Just remember, God loved people so much he gave all he had to do the work of reconciliation, and now he has sent us out to do the same. Yes, some will try to crucify you, but you aren’t the first…nor will you be the last. People are worth it.

3. “No one appreciates me” – And………….. just sayin’. I think it’s funny that a “Pastor Appreciation Day” had to be invented. Like that would automatically create appreciation in the hearts of those we try to pastor. Again, we didn’t get into this for appreciation, but because of the call. Jesus appreciates you, dear pastor. Look ahead of you. In that long line out front is the Apostle Paul, John, Peter, Augustine, Luther, Calvin, the person who introduced you to Christ. Now we get to stand in that line. You are not alone and because of your dedication there will be a long line behind you.

You can take it because God has called you.

You don’t hate people. You love them. That’s why it hurts so much at times.

You are appreciated by more people than you realize. Don’t let the few destroy the good. Journey on.

About Tim Holt

Founding pastor of Seacoast Vineyard Church, Myrtle Beach, SC. Retired January 2021. Pastor to surfers, friends, pastors, etc.
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