Happy Bday2me

Another one comes and goes. Life changes and so do we I guess, at least a little. A couple of things cool happened yesterday. My son and his new bride called, came by and spent much of the day with us. We ate seafood, played guitar, laughed, watched a DVD of Led Zepplin from back in the day (my day), and just had a wonderful time. That’s the beauty of getting older, at least one of them. I get to spend time with the folks I love the most doing things I love the most – music, food, conversation about life and following Jesus, surfing, and all of this with my fastly becoming adult kids.

An added treat to a very neat day was a card I received from my mom. My mom, the frustrated romantic and intellectual who never got to finish college, though she was at the top of her class every semester; always reading just for the fun of it. I mean, one time, many years ago she encouraged me to read the dictionary and encyclopedia just for the fun of it! All of it! From front to back. My mom has always worked in the home or for my dad as bookkeeper. Where was she going to use all of that knowledge? That wasn’t the point. The joy was in the learning, the acquiring of new ways to think. That way, she used to say, you would know if someone was telling you a lie or not and at least you could follow along in the world’s conversations. Smart woman, my mom.

Oh yeah, I was talking about me…my birthday. She sent a note with her beautiful card (I hate to admit it but I’m like many men and don’t put a lot of attention into the card’s message, after all, someone else wrote it). She rarely does something like that. The card recalled my birth in Miami. How alone she was at the time, and how she felt when she saw me appear. I’ve got to say, it tore me up. I heard a preacher say that if your mom is the only one who thinks you’re a good guitar player, you’re probably not. Everybody’s mom thinks their child is something special. But isn’t that okay?

I get this same feeling when I think about God’s love for us. “In while we were still…..”, well you fill in the blank – God loved us. Jesus’ love for us mothers us along continuing to believe that there is something special about us, always looking for those glimpses of brilliance, of destiny in our lives that He saw even before we exited the womb.

So, Happy Birthday to me! I’m special to at least one person, well two and everyone deserves that. I wonder if God is still thinking about the time He thought us up, and created us. Does He look back to birthing day and have warm, fuzzy feelings? Does He still see hope in the potential of our lives? I think so. When yours rolls around, enjoy it. I sure am.

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Founding pastor of Seacoast Vineyard Church, Myrtle Beach, SC. Retired January 2021. Pastor to surfers, friends, pastors, etc.
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