Moore Passion

Moore Passion –
Funny world we live in where Michael Moore and a movie about Christ can receive awards at the same time. What a picture of our times, huh? I have a friend (I hope he considers me one too) that loves Michael Moore. He tried really hard to get me to watch his movie about the president. I tried to get everyone I knew to go see “The Passion of the Christ.” I actually did get two young friends to go with me. We still haven’t debriefed it. Neither have any church affiliation, nor as far as I know, any faith commitment in their life. Great people though and I really like being around both of them (even if they’re half my age). They have passion. Passion for art. Passion for life. Deep thinkers and I can only pray that they will think enough about their existence to eventually consider some grand design that is behind it, rather than chance and happenstance.

Michael Moore has passion. Passion that drives him, and has made him rich. He believes in something so much that he’s willing to do
all he can to get his message out.

The other movie was a story about a man who did the same. He did all he could to get his story out. I mean he really went the distance. Deep passion does that, it drives us. I think we were meant to live with a fire in our belly, but there are many times I just don’t have it. I know what it’s like to have it. I’ve had it for music, for surfing, for love, for sex, for money, for motorcycles, for intellect (I know you find that one hard to believe), for family, and yes, for Jesus. But it seems to wane at times. I wish it didn’t. I wish I could live with a fire and passion for Jesus that consumed every moment of my life, and as much as I preach it and hope for it, sometimes I’m just plain bored. Wonder why that is?

I guess passion moves through us as we are caught up in the rivers of hope and expectation of something good is going to happen… me! But that’s the thing about Jesus’ passion. Nothing good really happened to him. I know it says he did all he did for the joy set before him. That is, he “saw” you and I. He knew that if he went through what he did, we would eventually be brothers and sisters. Maybe Michael Moore believes the same; that if we watch enough of his films we too will become enlightened and hate Bush as much as he does. That seems to be wasted passion, but hey, I get passionate about good surf and that’s pretty trivial too. I realize there are deeper issues we all get passionate about, but it seems to me we only have so much to go around. Where and what we spend our passion on is important. Maybe that’s why I feel “overdrawn” at times. I’ve spent my allotment, and I’m out. Then I’m bored.

I still get choked up every time I talk about what happened to me in that cheap hotel room many years ago at that surfing contest. That my Creator would come to me while I was a burned out hippy, surf freak, and reveal himself to me, and then invite me to join His journey is, as the guy in the Princess Bride would say, “Inconceivable!” But He did. I pray my passion for Christ, and the memory of that moment in time, will never dim, ever. More passion, Lord. For you, for others. Lead on!

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Founding pastor of Seacoast Vineyard Church, Myrtle Beach, SC. Retired January 2021. Pastor to surfers, friends, pastors, etc.
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