Fractal Theology

Fractal Theology –
The pendulum swings, the paint splatters; another push from the side and off we go in a wild arc but we always return to the center after the momentum ceases; what a ride and what disillusionment and hope. Chaotic nirvana and the zen of a gravity we can’t deny nor escape.

“All things work together for good”

My face changes as time stands still and my heart grows younger as I swallow this bitter pill;
Up the ladder and down the steps into this cosmos of hiddenness –
Looking up but distracted still by the wind I can’t see but surely feel;
I’m near the place I know so well but distanced by this shadowed veil –
There is light but it’s gone, yet back with a hero’s song;
On and on I go to the end of my road –

Beyond the trees and the ocean mist lies a land of mystery;
I will go willingly or not into this place of ghosts and scents –
Adventure of the strangest kind, a journey of the heart that faints;
Breathe easy for awhile, ’tis love that beckons and gives release

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