A Little Less Passion in the Passion?

A Little Less Passion in the Passion –

Mel’s blockbuster hit has been recut so that it won’t offend as many people as it did the first time around. Probably a good move, at least distribution wise. While reading, a moment ago, about the reissue, a pastor said in the article, “I’m looking forward to a kinder, gentler version, one that is more mainstream and acceptable. It’s a powerful film but one that could be off-putting to some who would not be offended by the message.”

Interesting … “a kinder, gentler version, one that is more mainstream and acceptable.” Am I the only one that this rings so, so, how do I say it, pathetic with? I’m sure the pastor didn’t mean to diminish in any way the cost, the price, the immense amount of pain and loss Jesus went through for us. But it just makes me want to hurl when I read, “a kinder, gentler version.” Gees, Louise (oh great now all the Louise’s are going to be mad)! Our children sit and watch war unfolding on the screen; play video games that train them to kill, maim, and destroy; hear and speak language at school, and at church that would shock us, and we want a “kinder, gentler” gospel.

If the price that was paid doesn’t meet the sin we have committed at the same level and to the same degree and beyond, what good is it? There is nothing kind, nor gentle about my sins, and while I know God is a gentle father/mother that welcomes us back without hesitation as we return, someone had to pay the price for that admission.

And the film could be “off-putting?” People still don’t want to stumble over this “rock of offense.” Maybe we could make it a “beanbag” instead of a rock. Or how about a ‘love seat?” Let’s just make it all cuddly, and comfy, how about it?

No one loves studying, talking, and preaching about the love of God more than me, Lord knows, I need it. But that love came at an extreme price, and as we approach Easter we don’t need to lessen the impact of that payment. No. We need to get better acquainted with it, for within the price, the severity, is the depth of God’s love and the depth of our need for it.

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Founding pastor of Seacoast Vineyard Church, Myrtle Beach, SC. Retired January 2021. Pastor to surfers, friends, pastors, etc.
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