God’s humor, my stupor

Well, we had our 35th anniversary this past Monday. Amazing. My wife deserves the Medal of Honor, not to mention a hundred or so Purple Hearts. Yea, we married young, stupid, and full of … well, you know. Life has been anything but boring. From playing in bands, racing motocross (until I ended up with two steel pins in my shoulder), surfing every second I could here, there and everywhere, raising 3 kids when we were kids ourselves, starting two churches from scratch, and living through the most amazing years during the Jesus Movement in Myrtle Beach. We’ve laughed, loved, screamed, cried, suffered loss, and experienced the wonderful presence of God together. God teaches me more about grace, and my own need of it through my wife than any other person or place. She exudes grace. When she walks by, it’s like, a gentle breeze of innocence that awakens you to God’s mercy. She has always been like that – innocent.

When did we lose the innocence of life? The beauty of humanity and how much God cares for it? My wife, the innocent one (I could never be accused of that) set up a get-away for us – you know one of those, Bed and Breakfast, historic deals. Sorry, but when I think of a Bed & Breakfast I think of going to stay at someone’s house. The only time I ever did that was if we were visiting family, or it was a night over at someone’s house when I was young. I mean, staying at someone’s house? And I have to pay them these huge sums of money to do it? Something’s wrong here! But I go, because the innocent one is usually right, and it is after all, her anniversary too. What happened to a hotel room on the ocean so I can check the surf and get out early? But no, we’ve got to experience the ambiance of history, and eat with people I don’t know, and might not like, and I’ve got to pay them for it.

Surprise! It was quite nice, and the owners, two men who probably live a lifestyle I wouldn’t, nor you approve of, were very gracious hosts. As a matter of fact, they were great. When did we lose the appreciation of what Jesus came and died for – the world? When did we decide to forsake the very world Jesus loves and replace it with a, “I’m better than you” attitude that does anything but befriend the very people Jesus loves and came to reach (which just by way of reminder, was all of us not too long ago)?

I firmly believe homosexuality is not God’s best for humanity. I also believe lust, greed, lying, stealing, cheating, being disobedient to parents, calling people fools and idiots, being selfish, spiteful, egotistical, etc., and any number of behaviors that aren’t conducive to being an example of Christ-likeness is unacceptable also. But people are not what they do, at least to those of us who say we are here as representatives of Christ. People are humans, created in God’s image, and given an incredible value, if not because of that, then because of the cross.

It started out as a get-away with my wife, and my “gracious” agreement to stay at a home; a home of two very wonderful people that God loves, and yes, people who are not living as God intends. I could hear God chuckle when I left as we hugged our hosts and I said, “We’ll be back.”

About Tim Holt

Founding pastor of Seacoast Vineyard Church, Myrtle Beach, SC. Retired January 2021. Pastor to surfers, friends, pastors, etc.
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