Control Issues

This past weekend we had our first, All-Worship-Weekend. We started taking our 5th Sunday weekends and zeroing in on one aspect of God. Then we recruited people for testimonies, songs, art and etc. that would reinforce that particular aspect. For this one, we focused on God’s mercy. By the way, these blogs are so selfish, because they’re always about “us.” That is, if it’s my blog, then I can write about me! The funny thing is, we love to read people’s stuff. So, here’s my confession for the day – I’m a control freak. I didn’t think I was until we did these services. Man, I was twitching and shaking like a man coming off of drugs. Then the computer crashed and all our lyrics, moving backgrounds, announcements, etc., turned into the dark of space, and I felt myself being pulled toward the wormhole of doom. Some testimonies went tooooo long, some who had planned to share didn’t show and all the while I’m a bundle of creeping nerves about to explode like a ball of twisted rubber bands. As disaster loomed, I heard some voice … not sure where it came from (my own insanity?), “Dude, you have got to chill! Do you really think your slick, managed, processed offering of Spam is what I want?”

After all, we’re talking about mercy, God’s mercy. Man, I have it bad. I like things done well (nothing wrong with that), and done in such a way that “I” can be proud. When it was all said and done, I believe God did get some glory, despite the fact that He didn’t have the computers to tell him so. In the midst of my personal mayhem, the innocent, simple song of one of our participants just rang out … “I will praise you for your great love.” There’s another 5th weekend coming in October. This time we’re looking at “faithfulness.”

You, oh Lord, were faithful to me in the midst of my control-breakdown. Now, I pray I will be faithful to you, whether the computers work, or the testimonies go too long. May you get glory, and may I learn to let you have it.

About Tim Holt

Founding pastor of Seacoast Vineyard Church, Myrtle Beach, SC. Retired January 2021. Pastor to surfers, friends, pastors, etc.
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