Cut & Run

In the Old testament when a covenant or agreement was made, blood was spilled. Maybe it was cutting the body of an animal in half and then the parties walked between the pieces so that each party could see this was costing a life. Maybe it was the piercing of an ear on the doorpost as the person said, “I will serve you. Here’s my blood, and a sign of my commitment.” There is always a cutting in any relationship…sooner or later.

Church people are famous for hanging out until some blood is spilled, and then they run…cut and run. But without some pain, some shedding of blood, there is no serious covenant, at least lived out. As a pastor I have sat and listened many times to people, good people, people I like, say, “Well, our time here is up. We feel like God is calling us on.” A vast majority of the time, with some prodding, I find that it seems God is speaking because some blood has been let. That is, they have finally had a disagreement with someone, or they have had their feelings hurt. It’s interesting that I have never seen, in the bible, God’s concern for our feelings being hurt. As a matter of fact, He’s pretty good at doing that himself. Yes he cares for the brokenhearted and downcast, but your feelings being hurt?

When you get to the point in your friendships where some blood (please understand the metaphor) is beginning to flow; when your feelings are getting hurt; you are entering the phase of true relationship. Don’t bail out because it’s uncomfortable, the roots of a strong tree may be just making their way down deep into the soil of life. Winter winds blow, the frost threatens the limbs, but if the plant stays in place, the buds will break forth in the spring. Otherwise, it’s back to square one again.

About Tim Holt

Founding pastor of Seacoast Vineyard Church, Myrtle Beach, SC. Retired January 2021. Pastor to surfers, friends, pastors, etc.
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