When I rolled into the subdivision I live in today there were two concrete barriers blocking off the next neighborhood from ours. Actually, it blocks them from getting to their mail boxes, which we share. A policeman was parked in front of the concrete separators fielding questions. This has been a long feud between our home owner’s association and theirs. Seems they owe ours money on the upkeep of the roads that they use, and are refusing to pay them. It’s all complicated and if you ask me, childish.

But it’s a great metaphor, huh? We do that, erect barriers, don’t we? People drive into our neighborhoods, enjoying the view only to be blocked before they can make it home. We wave, smile, greet each other at the mailbox, jog by one another, but as soon as it gets a little personal, and it costs us something, the concrete comes out.

Being a follower of Jesus isn’t easy in a world of pseudo-politicians who want to keep others out while boxing the homies in. Seems like Jesus had something to say about there being enough room, actually more than adequate room for everyone. The only barrier for us, is actually a door.

About Tim Holt

Founding pastor of Seacoast Vineyard Church, Myrtle Beach, SC. Retired January 2021. Pastor to surfers, friends, pastors, etc.
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4 Responses to Barriers

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  2. RENEE BOSCHEE says:

    Those barriers are exactly what kept me from living the life that God meant for me. The barriers are sometimes put there by others, but most of the time I think we put them there ourselves, we think for our own protection. At least that’s what I did! What freedom we obtain when we ask God to break those barriers down in our lives, it has to be that “peace that passes all understanding”. Only then can we experience the safety of God’s love and perfect plan for our lives. Wow, freedom is awesome.

  3. Jim Jarrell says:

    I remember when I was much younger there was a song that said; {sign, sign, everywhere a sign}. I do not remember who did the song, but I think it is still relavent today. I have over the years seen some barriers come down, I remember when there were two differant water fountins in public buldings. I believe as time goes on and we get closer to the time Jesus comes back there will be ministries who have the power of God to break down these barriers. There will be no need for all the signs.

  4. Kim says:

    Behavior of people who live and think as the world thinks never surprises me. Thank the lord he gives us the patience to perceiver in a world of much needed love between people. We all put up barriers sometimes but when we humble ourselves before the most wonderful Jesus his light shines through us and in us and when we share him with others, our neighbors and friends we draw the world to him.

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